Workshop for the construction of a wooden geodetic structure, Tufillo (Ch)

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Workshop for the construction of a wooden geodetic structure that will be used as a greenhouse
additionally heated by the fermentation of biomass (branches from pruning)

Fattoria Fonte Trocchi/
Tufillo in
Abruzzo/ Italy

dates: 28., 29., 30. of october 2017 and 1., 2., 3. of november 2017
(31.october is day of rest),
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

a geodetic structure is flexible, light, mobile and removable. It can be used as a greenhouse, as a veranda, a natural gazebo, the entrance of a garden, as a house for
children, for guests, for art exhibitions or to enclose something special in a circular space

Donato Gallo, rural researcher and innovator, with the passion for the designing and the construction of geodetic structures and reciprocal
structures, using natural materials that are not toxic for man and match with the context in which they are built, often relying on recycled resources. During his
studies of engineering, tired of the logics of cement building, he started to belive that the only answer to wild constructions and speculations on building grounds is to promote a different way of building by selfconstructed temporary houses made of renewable materials.
This passion for rural design is combined with the love for nature and for organic and regenerative agriculture, experimenting and applying also on larger scale various
techniques of agroforestry, advocating for a free circulation of knowledge. Donato has collaborated with international organizations such as Deafal and with the collective of rural research, development and
innovation RuralHub.
His teachings will have a simple aim: to learn to use one’s own hands and mind in order to translate an extremely complex (but not complicated) mechanical interaction into a building technique accessible to all, to be applied in its thousands possible ways. In this way we will learn to find out the right forms, applications and dimensions.

Theoretical part:
– interventions in the forest without causing unsustainable damage,
increasing biodiversity
– use of branchesfor thermocompost without shredding
– biomimesi and solidi platonici
– mechanical behavior of models of reciprocal and geodetic domes

practical part:
– preparation of the material
– construction of the geodetical structure, a greenhouse, 10 meters X 4 meters

please bring sleeping bags, there are beds in tents, in tiny houses, in the straw bale
house on the farm and in the guest house in the village nearby (distant 2 km),
the latter has electricity, warm water and laundry.

costs and reductions:

25 euros a day for the participation in the workshop, meals and
lodging are for free

possibility of partial participation (1, 2 ,3, 4 or 5 days) and of
complete participation (6 days)
the complete participation has
a reduction: 100 euros for 6 days (instead
of 6×25=150 euros)

The reason for the low cost (in spite of the high level of the teaching and the good food) is the simple accommodation and
that we appreciate your contribution of manpower in the practical work.
Above, it is possible to participate in the workshop without paying anything if You decide to give us a hand in harvesting olives after the
workshop for the same number of days that You participated in the workshop.


Fattoria Fonte Trocchi
some photos:

how to arrive:

By airplane or by railway
You can choose between Roma and Pescara.
From Pescara You will have to go by train to
Vasto – San Salvo. There are buses from
Vasto Terminal to Tufillo or from San Salvo – Pilkinton
to Bivio Dogliola/ stazione di servizio
“il girasole”. (There are also buses from Termoli to Bivio
Dogliola if, from Pescara, You are on a train that
doesn’t stop at Vasto – San Salvo). From
Roma Tiburtina You can take a bus that goes
– over Isernia – to Vasto. 35km before
arriving at Vasto You have to get off the bus at
the fuel station “il girasole”/ fermata Bivio
Dogliola, from there are
missing just 10 km to our place,
You can walk or we will pick You up by car.


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