WWOOF Italia coordinators meeting, October 2017

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In October Local Coordinators of WWOOF Italy got together to discuss about networking,
regional WWOOF activities, national and international projects. The venue of the gathering was a rural tourism in South Italy, run by a WWOOF host and coordinator of Puglia region.

People from all over the country arrived bringing ideas to share, passion, tasty food and good wine. Actually in Italy there is a team of more than forty Local Coordinators assisting wwoofers and hosts in case of need and helping to build a grass-roots network of organic farmers.

Meeting a few times a year gives them the opportunity to keep in touch, to deal with current
issues and to share their experiences. Of course there is some time also for chatting, and – why not – listening to popular music and dancing.

Amongst olive trees, enjoying the last sunny autumn days, the group had sessions about various topics as the evaluation of local activities and the enhancement of WWOOF Italy Association’s internal rules and procedures. Matters related to communication were also discussed, like how to tackle conflicts between members.

During the meeting Local Coordinators had a chance to hear the latest news from WWOOF
Italy’s Committees. Actually in the Association there are several internal Committees working on the following issues: new peasant law, care farming and involvement of migrants in agriculture, solidarity to earthquake areas, promotion of educational aspect of WWOOF movement.

Diverse presentations of national and international projects completed the agenda. Amongst these contributions a report about FoWO was held, explaining how the Federation of WWOOF Organisations is managing to protect, promote and unify WWOOF movement at a global level.

Local Coordinators returned home enriched by the energy of a three day long, intense meeting,
bringing back a bunch of interesting information, new tools for improving their local activities and the awareness of belonging to a worldwide movement.


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