Programme for expansion of the synergistic garden on the farm Pian di Meta Vecchia March 5-11, 2018

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The goal of the week is to clean, repair and expand the 80 m2 synergistic vegetable garden with new raised beds, the garden at the moment has three rectangular, long and narrow beds.
Before and during the work, explanations will be provided on what is to be done and why, introducing basic notions of synergistic and biodynamic agriculture. Questions and contributions from participants will be welcome throughout the time.
Below is the rough program of each of the days. The program subject to minor variations.

Monday, March 5: Arrivals
presentation of the farm and of the work project, presentation of the participants followed by dinner eaten together – any food contribution is welcome!

Tuesday: introduction to the use of biodynamic preparations in agriculture (500), the importance of design,

Wednesday: the role of aromatics and flowers in the garden

Thursday: design: the association and the role of the Moon on the growth of vegetables. Leafy vegetables.

Friday: agricultural rotation and the importance of green manure. Flowering vegetables.

Saturday: fruit vegetables. Introduction to the use of biodynamic preparations in agriculture part two (501)

From Tuesday to Saturday, the theoretical part will be accompanied by the cleaning and refurbishment of the three existing beds and the irrigation and preparation of the new raised bed.

Sunday: root vegetables. Again on the 500 and on the life of the soil. Conclusion: the soil is an organism.

The course will be held by Giorgia Rossi

Agriturismo Pian Di Meta Vecchia
Località Pian di Meta 31 
Castiglion D’Orcia (Si)
 Tel: +39 3474978027

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