11 – 14 October in Fabriano (AN) Coordinators autumn riunion open to all members.

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It is an opportunity for work, sharing and entertainment, very important to harmonize the coordinators’ group and to introduce new partners interested in collaborating. To participate, register by writing to  The meetings will all be in Italian and you should be seriously interested in participating, contributing and learning about how the group of coordinators operate.


Thursday 11 in the afternoon the participants will arrive (especially those arriving from afar). There will be moments of free conviviality and preparation of the work for the following days.
The program foresees for Friday 12 and Saturday 13 the exchange of experiences and the evaluation of the quality of the territorial relations by the coordinators:
Moments of conviviality will interfere with the insights: the wwoof international movement (FoWO), continuity of the working groups, reorganization of the work of the staff and of the social offices,

From Saturday afternoon we will have guests of the Wwoof friends who will help us to progress in the cultural and practical exchange on the matters that are closest to our hearts and in particular the Farming Farming campaign, the CSAs (community supported agriculture) and social agriculture in general with a window to share the experience of wwoofing with migrants and asylum seekers which is increasingly important in these difficult times on the international and national scene.

Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to the meeting of the Wwoof members of the Marche. (????)


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