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I’m looking for someone with an entrepreneurial and ecological spirit who can help me develop and carry on the many projects I have in mind to carry out in my company in Monte San Pietro (BO). The collaboration would be remunerated and there is the possibility of midweek accommodation.

Since 2020 here at “La Grazia”, in the Amola area, we have been carrying out work to protect and recover land that was in a state of neglect and abandonment, bringing an old orchard back to life and planting a hundred ancient fruit trees, in particular the Rosa Romana apple from the Bolognese Apennines. Hand in hand, to satisfy our desire for food independence as much as possible, the vegetable garden, the chicken coop, the sheep breeding, the small vineyard, the wheat and the sunflower were born and raised: all with techniques with a very low environmental impact and who develop circular economy processes.

The next steps are mainly two.

– the start-up of an educational farm, in which children will be able to experiment with the grinding of wheat through the use of a stone millstone activated by the pedaling of a bicycle, to then create mixtures to be cooked in a wood-burning oven. They will be able to sow and hand-pick the sunflowers that we will use for the animals and to transform them into sprouts, and create seedbeds and receive introductory notions on the cultivation of some vegetables with low irrigation needs, such as chickpeas and beans. To begin with this project, I will first have to build reception areas integrated into the landscape and an earthen oven.

– the reclamation of the area around the disused cemetery area present in the company, currently disfigured by a landfill of old cemetery waste. Subsequently, we will proceed with the creation of ecological activities in these spaces such as public paths, reception spaces for workshops and meetings that sensitize patrons on circularity issues

of life, the importance of the presence and care of trees and native flora..

To this end, walks/shows can be organized around this cemetery area to introduce knowledge of some ancient Anglo-Saxon and Northern European traditions, linked to the spirit of trees and the concept of “green cemeteries”: burial places immersed in nature, where it is possible to bury the ashes associated with the choice of a type of tree, so that the tree, with its specificity, welcomes something of the deceased.

The intent is to create paths with fences and signs and collect documentation of the stories of those buried in this ancient cemetery and of the events that affected the small community that housed this area.

Anyone interested can write to me through my host profile .

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